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Back at 99 Percent Hair Studio for holiday hair – discount code inside!

My long-awaited holiday is finally here! Back to Seoul for lots of bingsu, kimchi and jjigaes, but before that, to 99 Percent Hair Studio (Katong MODA) for gorgeous holiday hair!

That’s from my previous colouring session with Danson; the purple is still very much around and gorgeous!
But because I’m a sucker for colours, it never hurts to have new ones in the hair.

First, for a quick trim, to get rid of all that frizz.

And then Danson separates my head of hair into sections, for the day’s colouring adventure. I was getting a creative 2-colour (the creativity is all Danson’s) and how the hair strands are selected and coloured is important as it determines the style and subtlety of the outcome.

Magic fingers at work!

That detail. Just, wow.

First, spot bleaching. Because the colours I’ve chosen for the day (with Danson’s trusty advice, of course) need my hair to be bleached. Sorry hair, that’s the price of beauty. The kick-ass treatment after the colouring will make everything all right again.

A shameless selfie while giving the first coat of bleach some time to set,
because 99 Percent has huge mirrors that allow for perfect selfies.

Remember that tuft of hair that sat pretty atop my head after Danson’s careful selection?
The strands in that tuft, also the most outer layer of my hair, get coloured with a dark brown that’s close to my natural hair colour.

Dark brown dye goes on.

And Danson twists…

… and even braids the lower few strands of the dark brown section to ensure they don’t get mixed with the bleached (or rather, bleaching) portions.

Yup, magic fingers.

A little bit more bleach, just for good measure.

Back to spending some time with my friend, the heat machine.

Time to apply bleach to the lower part of my hair. Goodbye, purple! I love you plenty, but it’s time for other colours.

Another shameless selfie while waiting for the bleach to set.
I blame the mirrors.

To the wash, with Jackie’s nimble fingers!

Random picture of me with a bath towel round my head, because photographer thought I looked my best this way.
Ajumma style?

I’m a lucky, pampered girl, with two beautiful ladies blow-drying my hair.

Hello, straw-man hair! Some purple survived the bleach too! Kidding.
Danson left them there to blend with the new colours that were about to go on.
Master of colours. I wouldn’t trust my hair colouring with anyone else.

More picking and careful selection, to decide which strands get what colour.

What ensures good colouring results?
A creative stylist with skill. Lots of it.

The colours go on with Jackie’s assistance, in the sequence selected by Danson.
Can’t wait to see the results!

Look at that blue.
Or, according to #thatdress, white?

On to the wash, where I wait 5 minutes for the special Brazilian keratin shampoo to work its magic on cleansing my hair and preparing it for the kick-ass treatment that’s soon to come.

A quick blow-dry before treatment.
The brazilian blowout treatment should be applied on wet, not drenched, hair.

On goes the awesome treatment stuff…

… then 15 more minutes with my heat machine friend.

While we wait, here’s some good news for those of you reading this.

Visit 99 Percent Hair Studio at Katong MODA, tell them you know me (Ann), and get a one year membership* with them for free! 

The membership entitles you to these fabulous things:

  • Get 10% off when you visit 99 Percent (Katong) for any hair service.
  • Get 20% off when you bring a friend and get your hair done together (your friend doesn’t need a membership)!
  • Get an additional 20% off (on top of your usual 10% member discount) during your birthday month.
  • Get a haircut + another hair service, and take 50% off your haircut!

Be sure to hashtag #katongmoda, #99percenthairstudio, and #beboldbedaringbestylish after your visit for more exciting discounts (99 Percent holds regular Instagram games for their customers!).

*membership discounts apply to hair services at 99 Percent Katong MODA only. Purchasing of products not included.

And now back to the regular programming…

Time for the blow-dry, step 2 of the brazilian blowout treatment.

See the turquoise (colouring mixture concocted by Danson using several out-of-the-box colours) and blue peeking out from under my topmost layer of hair?
It’s all Danson.

Jackie and Kelly help complete the last step of the brazilian blowout treatment – the flat iron.
The amount of gorgeous hair colours in this one picture is making me very happy.

Thanks to Danson’s careful selection and sectioning of hair, I now have gradients of turquoise and blue in my hair!


… and blue, all under the topmost layer of hair.
Gotta love Danson’s eye for dimension and subtlety!

In love with my new mermaid colours.
Thank you, Danson!

The keratin shampoo and conditioner recommended for use at home after getting a brazilian blowout treatment. Regular shampoos and conditioners will gradually wash off the treatment’s effect; the Absolut Keratin line (available for purchase from 99 Percent Hair Studio) is specially formulated to help maintain the brazilian blowout treatment.
For more information on 99 Percent Hair Studio’s hair services and prices, go here.

My heart has a special place reserved for the brazilian blowout because it gives me crazy smooth hair (that lasts after days of washing) after each treatment.
The morning after my visit to 99 Percent Katong MODA – no more crazy hair!
I can have smooth and gorgeous hair for Seoul.

Yes, so ready for Seoul.

Happy Source: 99 Percent Hair Studio (Katong MODA), Singapore


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