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John Masters Hair Treatment at Rise Hair Salon (Gemmill Lane)

UPDATE (22 December 2014): Due to issues with management, Rise Hair Salon (Gemmill Lane) is now closed.

DSC03763So my hair’s been pretty much fried since I did bleaching and got some super cool colors (read: this).

The colors lasted quite a bit, and faded nicely, but I had to dye it back to black because of work. Because my hair was bleached, the black didn’t stay on for long and gradually washed out to a nice lovely reddish brown.

The treatment done after my coloring session was awesome and kept my hair nice and smooth for a good month or so. But after another session of coloring it black, the hair turned dry and coarse.

It defied gravity every morning when I got out of bed.

DSC03766 DSC03769

Straw-man hair!

So thanks to the good people at Beauty Undercover, I got a chance to do something about my horrendous hair.

Off to Rise Hair Salon at Gemmill Lane to attempt to inject some life into my lifeless hair!


Pre-treatment consultation with Akiyo! She was appalled at the state of my hair.


Hair wash before treatment (man do I have a huge face :P).


My hair’s currently in the state where it clumps together after shampooing. Definitely not a pretty sight.

Akiyo gamely applied the treatment serum on my clumped-up hair (10 points for being patient!).


Here’s what was used on my hair!


Time for steaming!

DSC03841_ppThe steam worked its magic, but it was definitely not that hot. I was being dramatic 😛


Reading up on the John Masters line, and being very amazed by his philosophy and range of products. They even have a range for pets! Find out more about John Masters here.

DSC03865_pp DSC03890

Another round of washing after the treatment, and Akiyo spent some time talking to me about my hair.

Because I’ve done a few rounds of bleaching and coloring, my hair cuticles are pretty much gone. Apparently, this means my hair won’t absorb the serum very well, and the treatment effects will wash out over the next few days. That made sense, considering how the black hair dye washed out to my current shade of brown.

Oh well, at least my hair would be nice and smooth for a few days!


Time for blowdrying!


So much smoother!


A re-emphasis on how “dead” my hair cuticles were. Hahaha.


“Please don’t do it again.”

That’s what Akiyo said to me after the treatment. She was referring to bleaching my hair. I know how damaging bleaching is, but I can’t say I won’t be doing it again.

Who knows when the next color fancy might strike? 😀

DSC03927_pp DSC03931

But for now, hello silky hair! I haven’t seen you in a while 😛


Akiyo also applied some Shiseido serum after blowdrying my hair, because my hair could use whatever moisture it can get. Heh.


Experience at Rise Hair Salon: 8/10 Gentle and soft-spoken, Akiyo made my 1.5-hour stay at the salon comfortable. Because the stylists at Rise Hair Salon are all Japanese, they don’t speak fluent English but can communicate in basic English. The salon also has a chatty salon manager (he’s Singaporean) who can help ease any communication woes.

John Masters Hair Treatment: 10/10 Using organic ingredients sourced from local farmers, John Masters products are used by many notable celebrities from around the world. Rise Hair Salon is currently the only salon in Singapore which uses John Masters Organics products, and the line can be used for both men and women.

Some good news: Rise Hair Salon is currently running a weekday promotion for their John Masters Organic hair treatment (usual price: $80)! You can now pamper yourself at an affordable price of $50 for the boys and $60 for the girls. Fix your appointment quick because their appointment book fills up fast!

So it’s been a week since I got my John Masters treatment done at Rise Hair Salon, and true enough, the hair gradually returned to being dry and clumpy after washes. It’s not the treatment though – my hair was great and soft for almost a week.

It’s just my over-bleached-over-dyed hair 😛

Happy Source: Beauty Undercover + Rise Hair Salon, Singapore


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