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Sun Ray Cafe, quite possibly the best cafe ever.

I always get a minor headache when it comes to bringing the dog out for a nice meal.
While there may be a handful of pet-friendly cafes, my dog always ends up bored and listless, stuck on the end of his leash.
Then there are pet cafes that allow dogs to roam freely indoors, but serve not-very-palatable human food.
A cafe that serves dog food + good human food + allows dogs to roam freely indoors didn’t seem to exist.

Until today, when I discovered Sun Ray Cafe.
Where has it been all my dog-owning life!

The place is divided into two sections – non-dog and dog-roaming. Of course, dog-roaming zone is where the action is.

There were about 7 to 8 other dogs when we arrived, all happily roaming about and mingling. I was too excited to remember about taking pictures.

The menu was a complete joy to browse. So many choices, so little stomach space (and money)! Again, forgot about pictures.

We had Dory (fish and truffle fries), wagyu burger (with truffle fries, yummy toasted bun and scrambled eggs), Chicken (roasted spring chicken with asparagus), Japanese drip coffee, flat white and iced latte. Again, too busy playing with dogs to remember about food pictures.


The super happy dog had some boiled salmon to himself.


And then there was cake. Very yummy rainbow cake and chocolate banana cake. Not dog stomach-friendly, of course.


Very happy (and satisfied) kids.

The food was a little pricey but pretty worth the price considering the portion and atmosphere (dogs everywhere!). Cakes were delicious and coffee was splendid (good selection of beans and brews!). Friendly service staff who fawned over the dogs added a lovely finishing touch to the whole experience.

We’ve finally found our favorite spot outside of home!

Happy Source: Sun Ray Cafe, Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore


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