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Lego madness – Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

I don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day, but when I do, I do it epically.

♥ ♥ ♥


I’ve been going slightly crazy over Lego’s Volkswagen T1 Camper Van set. Beautiful pictures, fun reviews and a gorgeous stop-frame video of the set made it quite impossible to resist. Valentine’s Day was round the corner, so the boy took the chance to pull a surprise.

2014-02-15 14.31.48Best surprise ever.

wpid-2014-02-15-18.00.45.jpg.jpegWe spent most part of Valentine’s night arranging the pieces so we could take a shot of how impressive and intricate this set was. Halfway through, we realised that wasn’t such a smart move. But we had gone too far.

1,334 pieces ole!

wpid-2014-02-15-17.48.23.jpg.jpegI was distracted by the weird (and cute) shapes the pieces came in. Like this Teletubby piece.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.49.34.jpg.jpegThe Pac Men.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.49.50.jpg.jpegBus seats.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.50.05.jpg.jpegSort-of TLR cameras.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.50.21.jpg.jpegThe oven (okay this was the actual oven piece for the set’s interior, not a building piece. Still, it’s pretty neat).

wpid-2014-02-15-17.50.42.jpg.jpegThe sort-of armchair.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.52.56.jpg.jpegAnd bridges.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.50.58.jpg.jpegSome of the pieces for the interior of the camper were also really cute, like this potted plant.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.51.54.jpg.jpegThe reclining armchair (not just one, but two!). Yes, they really recline! You can even turn one into a bed.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.53.55.jpg.jpegThe windows that come with customised fabric pieces as curtains.

wpid-2014-02-15-18.00.18.jpg.jpegAnd the camper engine (yes, it comes with an engine!).

We spent the rest of the night building,

wpid-20140215_003516_LLS.jpgwpid-2014-02-15-17.59.41.jpg.jpegwpid-2014-02-15-17.59.17.jpg.jpeg wpid-2014-02-15-02.20.42.jpg.jpegand finally caved in at 2.30am, saving some fun for the next day.

wpid-2014-02-15-11.12.26.jpg.jpegBright and early the day after, with Lego for breakfast.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.48.48.jpg.jpegNot as organised this time round,

wpid-2014-02-15-12.40.44.jpg.jpegwith many (fun) distractions along the way.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.51.36.jpg.jpegPlanted our plant,

wpid-2014-02-15-17.52.14.jpg.jpegset up the chill-out corner,

wpid-2014-02-15-17.53.16.jpg.jpegpaused to take the customary bird’s eye view,

wpid-2014-02-15-17.54.26.jpg.jpegand put up the curtains.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.55.06.jpg.jpegHung up the painting (with the set designer’s initials),

wpid-2014-02-15-17.55.23.jpg.jpegand put the T-shirt on display.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.55.45.jpg.jpegDashboard’s ready.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.56.08.jpg.jpegAnd the camper’s finally taking shape.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.56.28.jpg.jpegTime for the pop-up roof (and some distractions).

wpid-2014-02-15-17.56.47.jpg.jpegJust a moment to focus on the dog…

And back to normal programming.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.57.05.jpg.jpegThe very intricate roof design was impressive, with customised fabric to wrap around the gears.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.57.24.jpg.jpegTime for the wheels (and they turn too!).

wpid-2014-02-15-17.57.42.jpg.jpegAnd after a night and a day’s work, the camper’s done!

wpid-2014-02-15-17.58.00.jpg.jpegSome spare parts left behind.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.58.39.jpg.jpegIt’s gorgeous, and also probably the closest to a Volkswagen T1 I’ll ever get.

wpid-2014-02-15-17.53.36.jpg.jpegLego, the best thing ever.

Happy Source: Lego + Volkswagen


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