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Mini Makeover: Organic hair dye at Koinonia Salon

IMG_9668Just before the end of 2013, I got the chance to have a sponsored cut+dye at a rather well-reviewed salon. Thank you Beauty Undercover 🙂

A makeover for the new year? Sure!

☁ ☁ ☁

2013-12-31 11.43.31Here’s me, messy hair and all, before the trip to the salon.

2013-12-31 20.25.37Located on the third floor of Pacific Plaza on Scotts Road (the building between Shaw and DFS), Koinonia has an unassuming shopfront. Clean and professional, just what I was expecting after reading a few reviews online.

2013-12-31 20.14.08I was greeted by the friendly staff, led to a seat, and served tea.

(And for a long while after, I thought Koinonia was actually Koinon’a :D)

IMG_9620My stylist for the day: Cynthia, senior stylist at Koinonia.

She may look intimidating, but have a chat with her and you’ll soon find out she’s a friendly lady who knows what she’s doing! I don’t go to salons too often and I’m not one to fret too much over my hair. But like most girls, there are times when I walk into a salon and fret the whole time I’m in the chair because I don’t feel too secure with the person handling my hair. No such problem with Cynthia!

IMG_9682The color chart for the organic hair dye I was about to get.

And that’s when I got the bad news. I had gone in with the intention to get my current hair color lightened, but was told that lighter colors were not possible for organic dyes, unless you have light coloured hair to begin with. The organic dye apparently doesn’t go well with bleached hair, so bleaching my hair first to get it lighter was not an option.

You can tell from the pictures that my hair before the dye was a light orange sort of brown (if that makes sense :P). Going darker than that wasn’t too appealing, but I was told that the lightest I could go with the organic dye was shade 6 (refer to color chart above).

So in keeping with wanting a makeover (i.e. a change), I decided to go jet black. I figured, since I couldn’t get the change I wanted, getting a change is better than getting a color that was almost the same as my original!

IMG_9630For starters, Cynthia gave me a quick trim to get the rough shape of my to-be cut. Boy was she quick! I was talking to the representative from Beauty Undercover, and didn’t even notice Cynthia busy at work until I looked in the mirror.

IMG_9626Then Gino, the technician, set about getting me ready for the dye. I was given a gown to put on, a cover for my shoulders, and another towel for extra measure. Gino also applied petroleum jelly on my hairline to prevent the dye from staining my skin. 100 points for thoughtfulness!

IMG_9632And now for the benefits of organic hair dye:

* no ammonia (no strong smell!)
* low levels of hydrogen peroxide
* doesn’t sting the scalp

This means the dye is less damaging to hair and can be applied straight to the roots.

2013-12-31 20.20.15Then Gino left some cling wrap on my head (I was fairly amused :D) to help retain heat for the color to set. I never knew! This tip sure came in handy later on when I gave myself another makeover.

IMG_9645About 30 minutes or so later, it was time for the dye to come off. Trusty Gino asked about the water temperature several times, and quickly adjusted the water when I asked for it to be cooler. He was very gentle when washing, shampooing and conditioning my hair. I swear I could have fallen asleep if I wasn’t busy examining the ceiling. Talk about relaxing!

IMG_9663Then it was more snipping.

IMG_9666And blowdrying (unfortunately, I didn’t catch his name :P).

IMG_9678Final step: Cutting the fringe!

2013-12-31 20.39.07Here’s me back at home, after the cut+dye at Koinonia.

☁ ☁ ☁

Experience at Koinonia: 9/10
The friendly and thoughtful staff made the whole process comfortable and enjoyable. They all knew what they were doing, and did it well!

Organic hair dye: 6/10
The dye is gentle on the hair and scalp, and my frizzy hair (the result of many at-home hair dye sessions) definitely felt smoother after the organic hair dye. According to the information sheet I was given, Color Herbe (the organic hair dye used at Koinonia) is a “safer, more pleasant” hair dye that “results in no structural damage to the hair shaft”.
Unfortunately, this apparently also means Color Herbe is not for those who want bright, fashionable colors. This organic dye is more suitable for those who want natural hair colors (i.e. black, dark brown).

On a side note,20140101_015728this happened to my shirt the same day, after I washed my hair.

I don’t know what the reason could be, but the color transferred from my wet hair to my shirt collar.


Happy Source: Beauty Undercover + Koinonia, Singapore


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