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It’s been another year. It’s been a great year.

☁ ☁ ☁

imageLeft the first job after graduation and joined another, making a difference in ways that count.

imageMoved into a place I can call my own; my home with the best friend.

imageFostered two kittens and found them a good family, with whom they’ll stay well-loved.

imageSaid goodbye to our last hamster. Have fun in hamster heaven, Trip and Trey!

imageAdopted two gerbils. Welcome to the family!

imageWelcomed home a baby girl.

imageVisited Hokkaido; the first trip to Japan.

imageHad fun at work.

imageAte a lot of Korean food, with the ones I love.


imageDoodled a little, and picked up watercoloring.

imageSpent lots of time at home,


imagewith the ones I love.

imageLearnt how to cycle (finally!).


imageWent for a mini project on the cat island of Singapore.

imageHad more fun at work.

imageHelped organize a bake sale to raise funds ($10,000!) for charity.

imageGrew a plant (without killing it within a week!) at work.


image(Finally) Got the pet of my dreams.

imageRetook my vows to love him forever.

imageSpent plenty of time (never enough) just watching the loved ones.

pic20131231204947Went for a mini-makeover, sponsored by Beauty Undercover and Koinonia Salon (review coming soon!).

imageMet interesting people,

imagefell in love with some, then said goodbye as they went off to good homes,


imageand welcomed new friends into my life.

It’s been a year of simple, happy pleasures.

2014, here we come!

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