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Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe

Haven’t been visiting cafés much(or hanging out, for that matter) since we moved into our new place. Because being in your own space, done up the way you wanted, sure beats any indie café/restaurant. No queues either 😛

I’ve completely transformed into a homebody. Still, sometimes, there’s a need to venture into the outside world.

We planned for a day of cycling (I’ve finally learnt to ride the bicycle!). The weather didn’t agree.

So we popped into Wimbly Lu after getting the banged-up bicycle fixed (contrary to what everyone led me to think, I didn’t fall or injure myself while learning to cycle. The bicycle wasn’t so lucky :P).






The interior was interesting enough. Though the crowd didn’t make it very relaxing.


Chocolate tofu cake. The texture was lovely, though it may have been a little too dense.


Chai latte, served with a cinnamon stick and dainty cookie.


Molten lava cake, that was way too molten to be called a cake. “Molten lava with crumble topping” would have been more apt. Still, it was yummy enough.


Parking isn’t the easiest, and the café’s pretty secluded, by my standards. It’s worth a visit, but we probably won’t be coming back.


(One-time) Happy Source: Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe, Singapore


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