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Visiting Pasarbella

I’ve read about this place quite a bit, but never got the chance to visit (because it’s just so out of the way). Got a chance to swing by yesterday, because I work with the best people (Thank you boss for driving us there!).


The entrance was captivating enough.


The colors in the place were soothing.


It was every hipster’s dream interior.


The stalls were decorated with much effort.


The seafood section was impressive (so were the close-to-exorbitant prices).



And even the restrooms were decked out to fit the theme.


This place is worth a visit, but maybe only after all the stalls are occupied and fully operational. Get ready to pay a premium for the hipster environment though.


I doubt I’ll be back anytime soon. But I hope this place breathes some life back into Turf City.

Happy Source: Pasarbella, Singapore


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