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Spa Rael, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

I’ve never been for a facial or a massage. When I tell people that, I often get judgmental looks (especially from girls) that imply they think I’m weird. I’m just not very attuned to such services.

But for my birthday this year, the boy decided to get me a small gift and bring me for a massage.


I enjoyed the walk to the spa (and I think I may have enjoyed that more than the massage itself :P),


admired the hotel from the outside,


then located the spa which was further up the driveway.


We were invited to take a seat while they prepared for us, and were asked to fill in a personal particulars form asking if we had any chronic illnesses they should be aware of. They served us water, so that was a nice touch (clearly I’m easily pleased).


We were led to our room after they were done preparing, and the “therapists” (I use quotation marks because I still find it weird that they’re called that. Isn’t ‘masseuses’ more appropriate?) were pretty friendly, making us feel rather welcomed.


The room had a shower, bathtub,


lounge area (which we never got to use),


and was, on the whole, cool enough. Except I would have preferred some natural lighting from the ceiling to floor windows (the greenery outside was blocked with heavy curtains). But I guess it was for privacy. A dimly lit room doesn’t relax me though, so if all spas are like this, I think I’m not a spa person πŸ˜›

The “therapists” gave us time to change, and then began the 30-minute body scrub. Then we were given 10 minutes to shower, before they continued with the 60-minute body massage. I don’t actually know if that was the time taken, since there wasn’t a clock in the room and nobody wears a watch during a massage.


The only thing I do know is, after the massage was done and we were served hot tea in the main lobby, we were given a 30-minute sales session from one of the consultants (who was very persistent, but still failed eventually). Guess that’s what happens when you go to such things with a voucher πŸ˜›

The boy enjoyed his massage, while I was left wanting. The “therapist” I had pressed firm enough, but it didn’t really get to the points that I needed working out. Also, the scrub was so simple (I always thought there would be more if done professionally). It was pretty much someone kneading a scrub into my skin, which isn’t all that difficult to do myself at home (when I’m not feeling too lazy, that is). I can’t speak for the boy’s experience (though he commented that his “therapist” pressed hard enough for him to feel like his points were worked out; though he does have an incredibly low threshold for pain :P), but mine didn’t have much of an effect on my sore points and I left feeling somewhat cheated. Listening to my friends describe their experiences, I had this impression that such sessions were totally pampering and would leave me invigorated. But I feel more invigorated after a swim or playing with my dog. I can feel the judgmental looks already πŸ˜€

Maybe I’m just not that sort of girl. Or maybe I need to find a better spa.


Either way, I am currently much more fulfilled looking after the foster kittens.

Happy Source: Fostering + First massage experience.


2 comments on “Spa Rael, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

  1. miss b.
    October 8, 2014

    hi, may I know how much u paid for the couple massage? is it on groupon? do they give u time to use the tub? thanks!

    • janeconfessions
      October 8, 2014

      Hi! I can’t quite remember because it was quite a while ago, but I know it was in the range of $120-$140. I got the package on They didn’t give us time to use the tub, only the shower. Hope this helps!

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