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Things that make me happy: Change edition

It’s been a period of change.

I broke out from an unhealthy circle, took up a job that fulfilled my childhood dream, and planned for a big move.

Change has never felt this good.

20130316-094957.jpgGet a bicycle, learn how to ride.

20130316-094755.jpgPretty up the future kitchen with gorgeous crockery, for happier meals.

20130316-094833.jpgEating simple, appreciating lunches prepared with love.

20130316-094922.jpgHaving an awesome companion at work, reminding me of my work’s purpose.

20130316-094935.jpgPreparing a home for two lovelies who deserve love.

20130316-094944.jpgWelcoming the lovelies into their new home (you’ll never be abandoned again).

20130316-095015.jpgPuppy gets a groom before the big move!

20130316-095036.jpgWaking up to pretty, happier sights.

20130316-095049.jpgWatching the rescued baby grow.

20130316-094804.jpgDecorating the future home.

We move today!

♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Source: Change

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