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A Busy Weekend – The GoDown and L’etoile

This shop front caught my eye a month or two ago, but I never found the time to go back.

I’m glad I finally did.

The GoDown – stocks vintage finds from parts of the world, ranging from big furniture pieces to cute accessories for the home. Also an interior design company and soon-to-be cooking/baking class venue.

I am in love with the entire concept, and adore the personable shop keeper who attended to us. She was baking mini cookie cupcakes with her friend (oh the smells that filled the shop!), and offered us some before we left.

These were crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. They were also fresh out the oven. I am in love.

The shopkeeper’s friend brought her daughter, who decided to make me her new friend 🙂

After shopping for the home, a trip to the cafe I haven’t visited in a while. Winding down with a cup of coffee.


Cakes and truffle fries are a must.

Catching up with friends. It’s been a while.

And spotting a friend’s handiwork helps end the day on a pleasant note.

A busy, good weekend.

Happy Source: The GoDown + L’etoile, Singapore


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