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On White Papers, and Overcoming Laziness.

I’m trying to go to sleep, while Mom’s TV blasts the debate on the recent White Paper debacle. My Facebook is flooded with comments, criticisms and snarky remarks. Some I understand, most escape logic.


It’s been a week at the new job. A week since I made the decision to change the environment I was unhappy with. I gave up a significant amount of material comfort and dived headlong into fighting for animal welfare.

And for the first time in a long while, I’m actually enjoying myself and developing a greater appreciation for the things I have. I don’t know if this feeling will last, but I know I would never have known this feeling if I didn’t make that change.

Is it that difficult to be happy?

Sure, there will always be things that are not within our control. Sometimes, it plain sucks. But are we being fair to ourselves when we focus so much of our efforts (and time) bemoaning the circumstances we’ve been thrusted in, when we could easily be changing the things that we can to make ourselves happier?

If you want your community to be more compassionate, start being a compassionate member of your community (and motivate others to join you). If you wish to indulge less in material comforts, indulge less in material comforts (and perhaps use the resources you have to help those who don’t have as much as you). If you want to work less hours, find a job that allows you to work less hours (and don’t complain about the lower pay or lesser benefits the new job gives, because that’s just being greedy). If you find your environment unlivable but don’t wish to do your part in making things better (bemoaning is not helping anything), find a new environment that you’re happier with.

Why do we need to wait for someone to help us make the environment conducive for the changes we wish to see?

There are things that aren’t within our control. But there are so many more that are.

Today, I indulge, and pride myself for seeing that.

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