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A Pick-Myself-Up Weekend: Muji, Good Things, SPCA, IKEA, Carpenter & Cook.

It’s been a horrible few weeks, with people playing politics, twisting stories and trying their very best to  bring me down.

It’s easy to just hate the world and feel victimized (guilty :P), but it’s easier to blow it off and have some fun (much better :D).
Retail therapy – yes, it works.

Arming myself with a Klean Kanteen. A metal bottle would come in handy, considering the monsters I have to fight 🙂

Trusty companions at the shelter never fail to cheer me up.

Pretty plants help lighten/brighten the day 🙂 (Can’t wait to populate my Socker greenhouse from IKEA!)

Some orange and a smile to fight the blues (and a plant for Mom!).

Coffee in a vintage cafe. Yes, everyone’s doing that these days.

Gotta love ’em colors!

When life hands you lemons, enjoy the lemon cream (tart).

And of course, no tea is complete without the trusty scone.

Life as I know it: fighting off monsters with good things.


Happy Source: All Good Things


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