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At times, things get fuzzy,

and where there used to be color, turns pallid instead.

When it rains, it pours.

And the road turns pretty rocky,

twists and turns, with no end in sight.

But reach out, and you’ll find comfort.

Search, and there’ll be hope.

Look for a light to guide you,

and count your blessings, we all have some.

Life will find a way.

You’ll get through it, somehow.

It’s been a crazy year. And it’s only September. Earlier this year,  I thought I’ve lived 2012. I was wrong. Big things happen to small lives, magnifying (and exaggerating) everything. It’s so easy to let it overwhelm you, to exclaim defeat. But things happen, all the time. And you surprise yourself with a resilience you never knew existed. I now know better than to say I’ve lived a year when the year isn’t quite done.

Every day is a blessing, and every blessing (however small it seems) is significant. But blessings don’t come while you sit idle. Fight, hope, search, and pray. Then, they come.

Another 3 months to go. 2012, I will live you well.

Happy Source: Resilience, Me.



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