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Athens, you’re beautiful.


Holidays are always enjoyable. Even when they sometimes get stressful, the experience is still lovely. If you know where to look.

7 hours in transit at Doha. After reading Alain de Botton’s Art of Travel, I have a newfound appreciation for airports.

Finally, Greece.

Back on land for good, for the next week and a half.

Dropped off the luggage at the hotel, then headed out to explore the area before the Contiki group meeting. Hello, Syntagma Square.

There were dogs everywhere I went. Stray ones, well-fed and sleeping. Or kept ones, well-fed and sleeping next to their owners. I love how the country loves their dogs. It does say a lot.

Cafes decked out in quintessential Greek colors lined the streets.

Beautiful architecture after every corner turned.

The charm of Athens’ streets and alleys. I could spend the entire day (or more) just exploring them.

Churches and cathedrals dot the streets, but with slightly strict dress codes, I can only hope I get the chance to return to visit on the last day back in Athens.

But the best part of the day had to be skipping dinner and taking a short hike up Filopappou Hill instead. Located next to the iconic Acropolis, the top of the hill offered breathtaking views of the city.

I stayed till some time after sunset. Sitting on the rocks and looking over Athens, I realized how infinitely small my problems were/are. And possibly insignificant too. There’s too much out there to be seen in this world and too little time to do it. Why waste precious time worrying about problems when the world is much bigger than our tiny selves?

Acropolis by night, lovers’ delight.

Another beautiful thing about the city – its bustling handicraft scene at night. People simply sat around, many with their dogs or the stray dogs around, and manned their stalls. Simple, beauty.

Ending off the day/night with a spotting of kittens. The presence of animals and the residents’ ready acceptance of them make Athens even more beautiful than it already is.

Day 2 in Greece begins early tomorrow, or rather, later today. The group’s headed for the Acropolis.

Serve me well, little one.

Happy Source: Athens, Greece


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