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Something to Remind Ourselves with.

I volunteer at the local animal shelter once a week, cleaning the kennels and preparing the shelter for public viewing on Saturdays. After cleaning the place and feeding the animals, I welcome visitors and speak to those who wish to adopt a pet. It’s heartening to see those who come all prepared to open their hearts to abandoned animals, willing to give them a second chance at life. It’s consoling to know that there are those who make the effort to adopt instead of buy.

It’s also pretty frustrating when I’m approached by those just looking to get a deal out of it. Those who only visit shelters because it’s “cheaper” to adopt that exotic breed they’ve been eyeing. I try to tell myself that as long as the animals are given a second chance, the initial wrong intentions don’t really matter. And sometimes, they really don’t.

But sometimes, when the only questions they ask are: “How much?”, “Is it trained?”, “Is it easy to keep?”, “Will it get bigger?”, I find myself screaming on the inside, “THAT’S NOT THE POINT!”

Keeping a pet isn’t about the price, the size, the looks, or the ease. Instead of the questions above, one would be better off asking: “How much am I willing to spend?”, “Am I patient enough to train (and often, re-train) it?”, “Can I be responsible for it for the rest of its life?”, “Will I still love it when it gets bigger?”

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this poster. Because now I have a simple phrase to help express myself.

“If you can’t give it forever, it’s not the pet for you.”

It’s really that simple.

Happy Source: Animal Welfare


One comment on “Something to Remind Ourselves with.

  1. Crista
    September 1, 2012

    it is so true that you have to train and retrain.
    after 7 years of being potty trained, my dog decided to start peeing on the bathroom rug. i can’t just give him away 🙂 i still love the little brat.

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