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Go ahead, judge a book by its cover.

Finally picked up my orders from the convenient online bookstore (20% off all Travel books made it hard to resist).

I know the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But when it comes to getting books, I make it a point to. And gorgeous hardcovers make it all the more worthwhile.

This isn’t a book (cookies from Marks & Spencer!), but the tin was just begging to be bought. Cartoon map of Britain, anyone?

Paris in Color. A book about Paris, in color-coded pictures.

When Wanderers Cease to Roam. The first book by this lovely illustrator.

McSweeney’s. Volume 29.

The Art of Travel. This wasn’t hardcover, but the idea was interesting enough to warrant a read.

Got myself a vintage-looking notebook from Cat Socrates. I’m a sucker for vintage-ish hardcover books.

Atlas of Remote Islands. Read raving reviews, and finally got down to getting it during the Kinokuniya Summer Sale for members.

☁ ☀ ☁

There’s nothing more satisfying than surrounding myself with gorgeous books. Go ahead, judge that book by its cover. It’s well worth it.

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