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The Coastal Settlement, Changi (Dasher’s Day Out)

20120607-192221.jpgSleepover essentials, in preparation for a good Thursday.

20120607-192357.jpgA sight for sore eyes, after a day at work 🙂

20120607-192613.jpgWaiting for dinner.

20120607-192701.jpgThe curry from this apparently famous prata place was horrid. And prata’s all about the curry. So, no.

20120607-192836.jpgThursday morning! All set for the day out 😀

20120607-192931.jpgThe Coastal Settlement.

20120607-193127.jpgTheme: Vintage. Right up my alley.

20120607-193207.jpgThe interior is lovely. We had a dog, so outside we must be. Thankfully, the weather was kind and the outside was equally lovely.

20120607-193432.jpgWaiting for brunch.

20120607-193524.jpgPortobello and Truffle fries. Very yummy.

20120607-193643.jpgJust 300 meters away from the restaurant, Changi Boardwalk. Great place for a stroll after a fulfilling meal.

20120607-193811.jpgThursday afternoon.

20120607-194022.jpgGood day out.

Happy Source: Changi, Singapore


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