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MAAD, June 2012

After much procrastination, I finally made my way down to MAAD. I wish I’d done it sooner.

Continuing the good day with a cake pop, at MAAD.

Sacks. I love the carry-all’s look. Plus, it goes towards a good cause too. What better way to ease the guilt when spending money. Got myself the brown 15″. Buy their bags here.

Visited a friend, hard at work with her portraits. I love the concept. Read about Portraits After Dark, and sign up for your slot at the next MAAD!

Stayed a little more to watch friend get her portrait drawn.



The end products. I like the idea of sitting for 20 minutes, being fully aware of yourself, getting drawn by 10-20 talented artists, then picking the portraits you like after it’s all done. Let’s hope I get to do the one in August!

Red Dot Museum is full of lovely designs. Amazing how much I missed, always walking past but never going in. Tonight, I picked up a lovely postcard.

6 packs of lovely stickers+1 cake pop (albeit not a very well-done one)+1 carry-all+1 postcard+1 top (from a girl who says she designed everything herself).

I’m a happy girl.

Happy Source: MAAD, Singapore


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