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Pique Nique, Takashimaya.

The day started off good with some sartorial inspiration from Frankie.

Dinner at Pique Nique@Takashimaya after a day of classes.

Always helps to have great company 🙂

The perfect interior and ambience for chats over tea with friends.

So chat, we must 😀

An overload of fries, buns, and cheese. The Mac n Cheese wasn’t great. The burger was not too bad. The hotdog was forgettable. Fries were deliciously crunchy!

I’m not a macaron expert, but these weren’t great.

The Hot Waffle was comforting. Chocolate ice cream was good!

All in all, the food was alright. Desserts were better. Wouldn’t exactly return for the menu, but the cafe’s great for small get-togethers.

Best part of the day,

signing up for the TEDxWWF Singapore event. Register yourself here!

Happy Source: Pique Nique + TED + WWF, Singapore.


2 comments on “Pique Nique, Takashimaya.

  1. adel
    June 19, 2012

    does Pique Nique offers macarons now? thought those are whoopie pies they’re offering all this while..and they certainly are different from macarons like American vs French 🙂

    • janeconfessions
      June 19, 2012

      You are very right! Thanks for pointing it out!

      This is why I’m no macaron expert, haha. Can’t even tell the difference. But now I know! 🙂

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