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Day of Indulgence: Blueprint 2012 ☞ Kinokuniya ☞ Editor’s Market ☞ Public Garden/Singapore Arts Festival ☞ Todai, MBS

Today was a selfish, indulgent day. A Saturday completely to myself. To pamper, enjoy and recharge. Beginning with Blueprint 2012.

Sponsored by Lee Hwa Jewelry, featuring upcoming brands, local & international.

The emporium opens 18-19 May 2012, for the public to come get their hands on past season’s stock+next season’s samples. Visitors also get to enjoy Magnum ice cream 😀

Imagine my joy when I spotted the Feiyue stall ♥

Saw the sign, and fell for it, hook-line-sinker. I’m such a sucker for sneakers.

Got my hands on this lovely nautical tote, sample piece. From Fabrix. For those interested, keep an eye out for when the bag launches on the website!

Visited the Singapore Arts Festival Village at Esplanade in the early evening, but was too early to catch most of the performances. The Singapore Arts Festival is on till 2 June. Best to go after 7pm!

Also popped by the Public Garden flea market, held in conjunction with the Arts Fest. It wasn’t as exciting as I had imagined it to be, but was still a nice change from the usual retail outlets 🙂

☁ ☁ ☁

Dinner: Todai, Marina Bay Sands.

International seafood and sushi buffet. That’s what the restaurant advertises.

The group was huge enough, so we got our own VIP room.

A map on the table to illustrate where different dishes can be found.

The restaurant had pictures and signatures of many Korean celebrities plastered on the wall. I’m guessing that means it’s frequented by the celebs. As impressive as that was, the food was largely forgettable. The desserts, however, were pretty enough to deserve a feature.

Macaron connoisseur I am not, but these were good enough for me.

The Day’s Loot.

Yes, I also bought sneakers from Pointer. Well, Rockstar by Soon Lee, to be exact. They also had a stall at Blueprint. The shoes came with its own tote. And stickers too! (I’m easily pleased)

Buy anything at Blueprint, pose for a picture with your purchase, and get a free pair of Havaianas, specially designed for Blueprint 2012. Comes with its own shoe-bag too. Whilst stocks last.

agnès b x Feiyue. The shoes aren’t mine, but they’re pretty enough to deserve a feature. Love the Feiyue tote that came along with our purchase!

Easily the best buy of the day (with the carry-all tote coming in a close second), The Hansen Family x Feiyue.♥ the design, am such a sucker for the nautical theme. Absolutely adore the shoe-bag that comes with the shoes!

This shoe-box is definitely a keeper.

Books from the Kinokuniya Members Sale. 2 travelogues and 1 Everyman’s Library edition to add to the vintage hardcover collection. Can’t wait to read Guy Delisle!

Lovely floral and crochet-ish tops from The Editor’s Market, Cineleisure.

A long day out. My feet, gut and bank account are in agony.

Indulged, enjoyed. Now to recharge, and work hard tomorrow (and the days after) to justify the day’s indulgence.

The guineas agree.

Happy Source: Blueprint 2012+Kinokuniya+Editor’s Market+Todai, Singapore


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