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Enjoying Thursday.

I’m a morning person. People often comment that I’m way too bubbly for 8/9/10am. They should see how I am once night falls. Bubbly.

So, starting the day early is always important. Because whenever I have a choice, I don’t quite fancy hanging out till late at night.

The Avengers in IMAX 3D. 10.20am.

Took this in pitch darkness. I love how it turned out 😀

Like a geek, I was trying to capture the hugeness of the IMAX screen. I like that this was the moment I caught.

Lunch at Raindrops. 1pm. They offer discounted prices from 11am-3pm on weekdays, for groups of 2 (15% off), 4 (30%), or 6 (40%). Not too shabby!

Squid Ink Pasta. Not the easiest to eat outside of home. But yum.

Back home after a bout of shopping (from Orchard ☞ City Hall) ♥ 6pm.

What I brought home ☺

Found a new magazine to love! From Kinokuniya, land of magazines.

Love the layout. I’m starting to think: the Australians know how to make magazines.

These greeting cards were too pretty to resist. From Typo, Wisma Atria.

Canvas sling tote for Rupert. Typo.

I’m a sucker for boxes. Especially ones made of wood. Typo.

Finally got myself a lovely plate. Together with gorgeous fabric for all-kinds-of-use. From Cat Socrates, Bras Basah.

I’m not really into jewelry, but this ring is right up my alley. It’s also adjustable, making it the best for tiny fingers. Designed by this girl, available at Cat Socrates.

Happy Source: IMAX+Kinokuniya+Typo+CatSocrates, Singapore


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