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Cocotte, Wanderlust Hotel

Part two of lovely lunch sets!I’ve wandered into this place once (not Hotel 81). But the restaurant looked too intimidating then.Back for a 2nd visit. Can’t quite stay away when it looks this good.Fell in love with the tabletop. And the napkin. Note to self: Get some for the house.Cocotte. Famous for its value-for-money lunch sets – 1 appetizer, 1 main, 1 dessert, coffee/tea.
Complimentary bread rolls, with French Butter to start things off.Appetizer: Pear Salad. This was very yum. Loved the dressing, loved the pear.Appetizer: Rosette. Exotic. At least it was to me.Love how they took care to create a lovely ambience, down to the smallest detail.Main: Whole pan-seared sole with a side of greens. This. was. amazing.Main: Brioche with a side of salad. Yum.Desserts: Creme Brulee and Lemon Tart, with coffee. I am so in love with the lemon curd and homemade crust.The restaurant has certain popular dishes that are only available during dinner. Seeing how popular this place is, be sure you make reservations in advance (I read that 1-2 weeks ahead of time would be a wise choice).

Definitely coming back for more 🙂

Happy Source: Cocotte, Wanderlust Hotel, Singapore


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