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Another day of mini-exploration 🙂

Comfy sneakers on!
I decided to have a nice meal somewhere to celebrate the 25th today.

Pretty apt that the place was The White Rabbit.An old cathedral converted into a restaurant. Gorgeous much?Love the furniture.If you’re looking for somewhere special to bring Mom on 13 May, consider this!After placing our order, the friendly service crew came around with bread baskets. Ciabatta or Onion?

We went for the 3-course Executive Set Lunch. Starter, Main & Dessert.

Starter: Mushroom Soup. Yummy!Starter: Salad. With mango, avocado, asparagus, mesclun, tomatoes, etc. A refreshing starter.Main: Seabass. The soup was very yummy.

The other main was a chicken dish. Not so great. Dessert: Profiterole! Not the best I’ve had, but decent enough. I’m not very picky 😛Love the presentation. The colors were lovely. Tart was yummy too.Just outside the restroom. I love the decor.Inside the restroom. I have a thing for dangling lights.Again, love the decor. So much love. The food didn’t blow my mind, but with an interior like this, who cares 🙂

Happy Source: The White Rabbit, Singapore


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