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15 minutes + Kki + Stevie General Store = Thursday ♥

Thursdays are very important now that it’s back to the old normal.

Lunch at 15 minutes – Mango Waldorf Salad.

White chocolate mousse with a mango filling center, from Kki. Yum.

I’ve walked past this store several times but it’s always been closed. Finally caught it at the right time today!

Stevie General Store. Asked the friendly owner about their operating hours, to avoid future disappointments 😛 Tuesdays-Sundays, after 3.30pm!

Full of vintage knick-knacks, this place is a must for any vintage lover. Just standing around in the store and breathing in the vintage air was therapeutic 😀

Got myself a vintage dress from Stevie General Store’s Sugar Rack. $50 for a vintage midi, good enough for me! Finally a long dress that I can wear!

A relaxing Thursday.

Till next Thursday! Just dawned on me, my 25th! 🙂

Happy Source: 15 minutes+Kki+Stevie General Store, Singapore


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