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Exploring Singapore – New eateries and Old landmarks

The day started somewhere around Duxton/Outram Park.

Helmed by Jason Atherton (1-Michelin-star chef 😀 ) from London, this charming tapas bar is rather new but has created quite a stir!

I’m a sucker for interior design, and any place that looks this good is worth a visit 😛

This. was. so. good.

This was rather good too, but I’m not a fan of olives. I’ll stick to the salt&pepper squid, any day.

Esquina is located on 16 Jiak Chuan Road. They don’t accept reservations and the place isn’t huge, so get there and pray for seats/wait patiently.

Next stop for desserts: Club Street Social, located on 5 Gemmill Lane.

Again, the interior was lovely. Which was why I even went in the first place 😛

I don’t really know what this place is famous for, but affogato is a must wherever there is one 😀

Strawberry & Nutella Panini. Nicely toasted and warm, with a tinge of sour from the strawberries to go with the ever-lovely Nutella.

A quick pop into Woods in the Books is a must when you’re in the area (i.e. Club Street).

Also, The Little Drom Store (i.e. Ann Siang Hill).

Then a visit to Yue Hwa Chinese Products. I haven’t been to an emporium in a while. There’s tonnes of things inside (from herbal products to furniture), but nothing particularly caught my eye. Nonetheless, the 6-storey emporium was a comforting hideout from the rain.

I’ve been procrastinating and delaying the visit to Mount Sophia for quite a while.

Today was finally the day.

A good place for some exploring and wandering around, after you brave the stairs and the merciless Singapore humidity. And a great way to wind down.

Happy Source: Places in Singapore


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