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Good Friday: Raindrops at Scape & Black at Triple One Somerset.

Good Friday. With friends.

After 2 shows in the day, strolling around town to pass time, and shopping for birthday gifts, we escaped the crowd and sought refuge in Raindrops at *SCAPE, the venue for the night’s dinner.

I’m such a sucker for hanging lightbulbs.

The interior was simple and lovely, and they played good music.

Siran got herself a beer with an exotic name.

I’ve got a sweet tooth, so the creme brulee was my choice. It was yum.

Night fell and people+bobblehead toys started streaming in for dinner.

Starter: Tuna Tartare. I don’t actually know how this dish is supposed to taste, but this particular one didn’t blow me off my feet.

Starter: Portobello Chicken. I think this one was baked. It was enjoyable, but then again, I love all sorts of mushroom.

Snack: Truffle fries! I love straight-cut fries. Period.

My main dish: Mushroom Aglio Olio. There was a generous serving of mushrooms, and the pasta was quite tasty. I’ve had better aglio olio though!

Weiquan brought his Polaroid. I love Polaroids. Just looking at them makes me happy 🙂

Our next stop: Black at Triple One, Somerset. This cafe was unbelievably enjoyable. It was quiet (we arrived at 10pm), they had all sorts of comfy seats, and the cakes were delish.

Vintage interior is always appreciated 🙂

When a friend asked what this was, I replied, “My lifesaver.” I made the baristas laugh. I do love affogato.

Nutella & Red Velvet cupcakes. For the birthday kids.

Happy birthdays, Jason and Nisa ♥

It was a great night.

The Bobbleheads agree.

Happy Source: Raindrops + Black, Somerset, Singapore


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