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Editor’s Market + Rockstar by Soon Lee + Uniqlo = a very happy girl + empty wallet.

A good lunch was in order. I’m always fascinated by the simplest things πŸ˜›

Then came shopping! (I’ve been spending too much lately. Need. To. Stop.)

A day of shopping for clothes. From Editor’s Market to Uniqlo.

From top left: green cardigan from Uniqlo, sleeveless floral button-down top from Editor’s Market, blue pleated sleeveless blouse from Uniqlo, black skirt (best part: comes with shorts lining!! Been looking for ages for another pair since my red one’s getting loose) from Editor’s Market, denim shorts from Editor’s Market.Β 2 outfits + 1 cardigan. My wardrobe is well-fed.

Chanced upon this adorable pouch(es) when I popped by Rockstar to check for Superga. No luck with my shoe size, but hello dumpling pouch(es)! Made by the lovely folks from Mrkt.

One Day Without Shoes. To raise awareness, participants take off their shoes for the day. Pop by Rockstar at Cineleisure on 10 April if you’re interested!

Happy Source:Β Editor’s Market+Rockstar+Uniqlo, Singapore


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