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Of Gmarket Shopping & Holiday Bookings ♥

Today, the order from Gmarket finally arrived (technically, it arrived yesterday, but no one was home to sign for the package)!

Over 70 pieces of stickers. Yes, I am insane.

This was the one I immediately fell in love with. Coffee, mmm.

The travel and coffee stickers were easily the best of the entire lot.

I ♥ travel.

Today was also the day the travel plans were finalized. Well, 80% of it.

Flight, check.

Hotel for the 1-day extension, check.

Deposit for Contiki tour, check.

This has been etched in my mind for years.

I may finally get to see it this July.

Fingers crossed.

Happy Source: Gmarket Singapore + Greece


2 comments on “Of Gmarket Shopping & Holiday Bookings ♥

  1. clara
    March 29, 2012 (:

    • janeconfessions
      March 29, 2012


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