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Toby’s Estate → Hummerstons

A relaxing afternoon with friends at Toby’s Estate.

Spotted a lovely bike by the signboard. I actually thought the cafe used it as part of their decor. Turns out, it belonged to a cute little kid 🙂

The place is known for its coffee. The Iced Mocha was a refreshing change from most of the iced mochas I’ve had. Had a taste of a friend’s drip coffee. That was good too!

After some hanging out at the cafe, we headed to Hummerstons (read here) for some food. Fries, to be exact. Didn’t get any pictures there, but the best thing that happened: my friends accepted my request and did not order the poutine that came with foie gras. I ♥ my friends.

After Hummerstons, we took a nice long walk to the train station, and went our separate ways.

A nice and simple Saturday afternoon.

Happy Source: Friends+Toby’s Estate+Hummerstons, Singapore


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