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Coffee and Tea Wednesday

The cast was offered complimentary tickets to Guru of Chai tonight, so after 2 shows in the day, I hung around the area, waiting for the 8pm show.

Robertson Quay is apparently famous for its cafes and restaurants by the river, so I figured, might as well do some exploring since I had 4-5 hours to kill.

First stop: Kith Cafe

A small cafe, with tables indoors and outdoors.

Wanting to be closer to the river, I picked the outdoors for some fresh air.

Kith Macchiato and Hot Chocolate was our choice. Coffee was pretty good! Hot chocolate was not so. But prices are reasonable, and they also serve cookies, sandwiches and other go-well-with-coffee foods!

Warning: sitting outdoors also meant we got all sorts of company. I thoroughly enjoyed it though 🙂

Second stop: Hummerstons

Been wanting to pop by this restaurant for quite a while. Finally got down to it for dinner today!

Had the famed Pontine while waiting for the kitchen to start preparing dinner courses (note: they only serve dinner after 6pm!). Ordered the Classic. $11. It was alright (I’m not a fan of soggy fries 😛 ).

Wasn’t very hungry after coffee at Kith’s, so we shared the Hummerston’s Burger. $25. The burger bun was delish!

Another round of coffee (Affogato, $6.50 and Iced Mocha, $5) for dessert. Also, Roasted Pumpkin Cheesecake, $10.90. I’m not a fan of cheesecakes, but this one was good! Coffee is sourced from the famous Papa Palheta’s, and reasonably priced 🙂

Crust was well-done, vanilla cream was yum, and roasted pumpkin for cheesecake is brilliant!

Hummerstons’ interior screams chill.

And finally, the awaited event of the night. The show was amazing. To be exact, the actor was amazing. The musician was awesome too. I dare say, this is the best acting I’ve watched. Catch it before it ends its run, and then get tickets to watch the same genius in Krishnan’s Dairy.

And that ends my coffee and tea (Guru of Chai, geddit? Hurhur 😛 ) Wednesday. Here’s to more hidden finds!

The home away from home for the next 5 weeks.

Happy Source: Robertson Quay, Singapore


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