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The Three Little Pigs Experience.

My Three Little Pig experience, in pictures.

Signing up for this musical meant working 7 days a week without a day off, shuttling between regular work and rehearsals/shows. Tiring as it was/is, it was an eye-opener.

I got to wear pretty pieces for the show, bought/made in the UK.

Learnt how to play Boomwhackers, with the help of color coding.

Did a recording for songs to be compiled in a CD.

Worked with a cool set.

Admired well-designed backdrops.

Marveled at intricately designed costumes.

Spent good time on my own in the dressing room, musing.

Was audience to detailed discussions.

Took naps.

Went make-up shopping (that I’m supposed to be reimbursed for).

And found Paddle Pop (I hardly see them anymore)!

Anthony (director), George (composer), Jason (designer) & Ewan (choreographer) have left Singapore. It was a good learning experience, working with creatives from the UK.

Shows go on till 15 April 2012.

Happy Source: Three Little Pigs, The Little Company, SRT, Singapore.


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