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Chinese New Year 2012 on Film

This comes late, but I finally got down to developing the rolls of film that were sitting pretty on my desk.

My Chinese New Year 2012, on film (Lomography Tungsten 64 & Solaris 400).

Chinese New Year, the flower season.

A visit to Chinatown is a must…

… to look at all things Dragon.

… to pick out decorations for the home.

… to soak in the CNY atmosphere.

… to admire more flowers.

… for cured goods.

… for large-scale concerts in Chinatown, featuring cheesy CNY songs.

… for the people and the funny things they sell.

… and to admire Chinese lanterns.

Chinese New Year’s the prime time for visiting relatives. With the puppy.

Dasher met a friend, who didn’t like him back 😛

Chinese New Year 2012 – the year I found out about Gardenia vending machines.

The annual YuSheng affair.

Evidently, my Chinese New Years are getting increasingly… short. And somewhat… monotonous.

But still, I love CNY 🙂

Happy Source: Chinese New Year 2012, Singapore


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