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The Olympus OM-2N

I’ve been researching a lot about SLRs. Have always wanted one since my Lomography cameras got me interested in film. Never got down to it because I didn’t want to get new cameras at the expense of neglecting the older ones (the Digital Harinezumi was a prime example of neglect).

For some reason, working hard always results in me wanting to reward myself with something. That’s how I got started with film last year (as a reward for myself for putting up with a task that I seriously disliked). This time, it’s to applaud myself for sticking through an otherwise slightly taxing (on the mind) task for 2 years + juggling two jobs for 2 months straight without a day off + just being me.

It was a toss-up between the Minolta SRT-101 or Olympus OM-2N. After missing out on 2 offers on Clubsnap for the Olympus, I found someone who was selling his Minolta. He still had his roll of film loaded, so he asked if I would wait a week for it. I was prepared to. Until the surprise today.

I chickened out and opted for the camera that gave me the option of Auto/Aperture-Priority shooting. Best still, it came as a gift. For the 5th year.

I feel old already. But that’s another story.

Hello, new (old) toy. Here’s to many fulfilling years of fun ahead (fingers crossed)!

Happy Source: Cat Socrates+James, Singapore


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