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Valentine’s Day

This was a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day.

I’m not one for the occasion (I’ve never actually celebrated Valentine’s Day, unless you count being a nuisance to couples on the day as celebrating 😛 ).

Still, I’m very grateful for the day, 14th February or not.

☁ ☁ ☁

Clothes from Gmarket arrived.

9am – Leave home for rehearsals.

After that, it was a tiring day at rehearsals. Day 2, and we’ve already blocked and choreographed 1/3 of the show. That’s some kinds of amazing. The singing was enjoyable, but the choreography was nerve-wrecking. Thank goodness I survived choreography today (I am terrible at moving to the beat). Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

7pm – Leave rehearsals for home.

My legs are aching rather badly from today’s choreography+blocking (I’m so out of shape), but I feel good after the work-out. On another (related) note, I realize I’m still slightly starstruck. I’m actually working with the people who wrote the musicals that I did in SMU. They’re the ones who wrote the awesome solos I loved as Ida or Kolokolo Bird. Woahhhhh. I find myself thinking that randomly, here and there 😀

8.30pm – Dinner!

This was what greeted me on the dining table when I got home.

Followed by…

This Valentine’s dinner may not have been as flavorful as those you’d get from most restaurants, but I was very glad that I didn’t have to stand in line for a seat at places with exorbitant prices. After a long day at work, I was extremely grateful to come home to a made-with-love 4-course meal.

The 4th course…

I ♥ the mascarpone+heavy cream, whipped with love for 2 hours.

So I spent 14 February 2012 Valentine’s Day,

practising harmonies, doing choreography, learning lines, blocking scenes, mastering boomwhackers, spacing out for an hour on the 2 buses home, and eating a home-cooked 4-course meal.

All in all, a good day 🙂

Happy Source: Gmarket+ThreeLittlePigs rehearsal+JamesTan, Singapore


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