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A fruitful Saturday.

I’m exhausted.

It’s been a while since I’ve accomplished so much in a day (apart from last Thursday, but that was efficiency at home).

8am SPCA duties

10am Adoption Counsellor duties begin

4pm Home

4.30pm Get Mom

5pm Off to City Hall

5.30pm Stop by Substation

6pm Bugis: Mom goes shopping + Dinner

9pm Home, get Dasher

9.30pm Dasher goes to Botanical Gardens!

10pm Adam Food Center for supper

10.30pm Home, to vegetate.

But most of all,

highlight of the day…


His papers say “Winter White”. But I think… not.

In his fancy Habitrail home, exploring.

Winter white? I think not. But I may be wrong. Hmm…

And after an entire day, I finally thought of a name for the new family member.

Hello, Trey!

Grow strong & stay healthy, little one 🙂

Happy Source: SPCA+Saturday, Singapore


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