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Making full use of the off day.

It’s the last Thursday before the onslaught of rehearsals+shows+work.

I had to make full use of it.

Setting a to-do list helps.

A good breakfast to start the good day.

Updating the journal, with lovely colors.

Time to familiarize myself with the script+music. The Puppy decided that he was more important than that. Yes you are, ♥

Chilling out with the ukelele after a bout of learning lines.

Lunch break: A huge bowl of Mom’s Red Bean Soup.

Some rope skipping after potato-ing on the couch.

The integral part of every Thursday: Off for a swim+some sun!

Dinner time!

The epitome of chill.

Updating the journal to mark the end of the day.


Goodbye restful Thursdays, see you in 2 months!

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