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Goodbye, Page One Singapore.

After the failed attempt last Saturday (i.e. 3-hour long queues), today was finally the day for the successful loot.

Most importantly,

the Everyman’s Library collection is growing!

I must have been a strange sight. Instead of looking at titles, I was looking out for publishers.

And whenever I found one by Everyman’s Library, I would check the title and cross-check it on Book Depository to see if it was cheaper to get it in the store (Haha, it must be people like me who run physical book stores into the ground :P).

Some books were actually still cheaper if you ordered online, but with the 50% storewide discount on all titles (with 60-90% discount for selected titles), most of the books at Page One were a steal.

Page One’s last day of operation is 19 February 2012. If you’re a book fanatic/prefer reading an actual book to swiping an electronic screen, make sure you pop by before then. Most of the shelves have been emptied out by eager shoppers.

Goodbye, Page One. Thank you for the entertainment.

Happy Source: Page One, Singapore.


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