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The books arrived!

I have to admit, since I found out about OpenTrolley, shopping for books has never been the same. I flip through books in the bookstore, see the one I want, then go to OpenTrolley in search of it. Amazingly, they have almost everything I’ve looked for so far. On most occasions, they offer a better rate.

I’ve ordered from them twice now. Fortunately, they’ve been taking no more than a week to deliver. Both times straight to my door (free home/office delivery if you order 3 books or more!).

So I guess it’s kind of removed the joy of leaving the bookstore with a book (or two) in hand, and substituted that with the joy of receiving a package (full of books :D).

P.S. If you can bear a longer wait, The Books Depository offers even better rates. They also have an extensive collection. I’ll try them someday 🙂

Happy Source: OpenTrolley, Singapore


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