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2011 in Pictures.

This was the year, in pictures.

What I achieved in 2011:

1. Performed in my first professional theatre production.

2. Discovered the awesomeness that is sneakers.

3. Said hello to some cameras, and goodbye to one.

4. Developed a love for stationery and the like.

5. Bought a ukelele.

6. Fell in love with lovely boxes.

7. Continued my commitment to the passion β™₯

8. Rescued strays.

9. Book-binged.

10. Explored.

11. Discovered Analogue.

12. Won a competition!

13. Took part in my first flea market, and uncluttered my life πŸ™‚

14. Introduced the kitten to the puppy.

15. Changed the hair. Twice.

16. Appreciated the joy of giving.

17. Learnt and grew a year older, with the puppy β™₯

☁ ☁ ☁

And that rounds up 2011.

β˜€ β˜€ β˜€

Hello, 2012.

Here’s to another year of learning and growing πŸ™‚

Happy Source: 2011.


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