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Haircut on a Whim – Next Hair Salon, Holland Village

I’ve been wanting a hair cut for ages.

Before the Perm, I’d already tried the Nerd (where the hair ends right at the jawline), the Bob and the Straight Long. It seemed like the Pixie was the only style left.

So after tonnes of research (browsing through pictures on the Internet, reading comments about the style, etc.), I settled on a salon that I found (also after much research).

I went down, and the hair stylist told me, “Your curls are still prominent. It’ll affect the cut. You’ll have to wait till… hopefully before Christmas?”


I thought I’d probably chicken out of the cut after all that waiting. I didn’t.

So today, on a whim, I walked into another salon (after even more research) – Next Hair Salon at Holland Village. Not so much to cut my hair, but to try my luck. If I couldn’t get a cut, I was hoping to at least get a better estimate of when I could cut the hair. I was completely caught off guard when the stylist went, “Sure okay. We cut now?”

The next moment I knew, my hair was getting shampoo-ed, conditioned, and my head/neck was getting a quick massage.

Then I was back in the chair, and the stylist came after the hair dried, pulled a chair up, sat down, and said, scissors poised in hand, “Ready?”


Oh right. I’m supposed to be traumatized. I’m supposed to feel the pain, maybe even tear, when he snips off a huge chunk of hair. 

Well obviously, I’m not that kind of girl. Sure, there’ll probably be days when I’ll miss having long hair. But mourn? Nah. I chose the Pixie after all.

“What made you want to cut your hair so short? Very different.”

Erm… I’m sick of having long hair for now?

*stunned silence*


30 minutes and some hair drying later, it was done.

P.S. I got home and did a little trimming of my own to achieve what I better preferred 😛

Happy Source: Next Salon, Holland Village, Singapore


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