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The bad day that got better (from Nolboo Singapore to WWF).

Was all excited about having dinner at Nolboo today. The last time I had it was in Seoul, and it was fantastic.

I snapped this shot and delightfully entered the restaurant (the Orchard Central branch).

When the panchan came, I was elated. Though the serving was rather small, I thought, We’ll just ask for more later.

Then our main dish was served. The pot was tiny, and it was full of soup. That’s about the only thing it was full of. I could barely find any ingredients in it despite it being a stew that traditionally serves 2-3 people. The service staff had earlier informed us that the stew served two. Going by what they served us, I think she meant two very dainty eaters. So I thought, Oh well, I’ll just have more panchan to fill me up then.

Imagine my surprise when the service staff told me that side dishes were not free-flow and that they charged $1 for each refill. I’ve been to countless Korean restaurants, and I’ve never once had to pay for refills. Korean restaurants serve endless side dishes. Period.

I’ve never left a Korean restaurant feeling dissatisfied. Ever. Not even Seoul Yummy (which says a lot about Nolboo Singapore :P). But for the first time since I started appreciating Korean food, I did tonight.

So I thought the day would just end, with a bad taste in the mouth. Literally.

Till I came home to this…

The package I ordered from WWF came earlier than I had expected!

I am a happy, happy person 🙂

Happy Source: WWF, International


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