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The Search for Great Places in Singapore, part three.

Last day of the staycation. Evidently, I get lazy as the days go 😛

★ ★ ★

Tiong Bahru, hello!

Vintage architecture laid out for your viewing pleasure.

Living the vintage life.

Pity the place closes every Monday. Maybe next time!

Look Funky – a must for all design companies.

For some reason, these stairwells fascinated me.

BooksActually. Love the interior. Catering to adults, most of its shelves were filled with literature classics. It also had a section for vintage covers. The store also carries stationery.

Vintage PEZ collectibles, BooksActually.

This store carried, as its name suggests, strange things. Funky furniture, collectibles, accessories. Visit Strangelets if you have deep pockets or love buying one-of-a-kind things.

Strolling around the neighborhood, I learnt one thing: Looks matter.

Dessert after buffet at Le Le Pot. To be honest, I’d pick this place for a steamboat buffet any day.

That ends the 3-day staycation this long weekend.

Till next time!

Now to unwind with massive photo posts/uploading 🙂 Check out analogue photography on the LC Wide (and other photos) here!

Happy Source: Tiong Bahru, Singapore


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