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The Search for Great Places in Singapore, part two.

Day 2 of the staycation.

▼ ▼ ▼

Haji Lane, Bugis.

Famous for its wall art, colorful store fronts and boho vibe, it was a good place to visit after the previous day’s cafe escapades.

Cupcakes from My Fat Lady. Sticky Date Pudding & Red Velvet. Yum.

I find myself developing a liking for rattan baskets.

The street filled with quaint eateries and restaurants.

Had lunch at Maison Ikkoku at Kandahar Street. Coffee was good, Salmon Florentine was even better 🙂

The uncle who runs this quaint little shop/museum was very friendly. His store was filled with vintage goodies.

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple. Ever popular, always packed.

After dropping off my rolls at Triple D, I chanced upon this Korean supermarket  down the row of shops.

I cannot begin to describe how happy I was when I found my long-lost 쌀대롱 in the store.

Now I know where to go when I want my kimchi pancake.

Everything in the store was priced rather close to what I got in Seoul. Except for the alcohol 😦

Kimchi, from Shine Korea Supermarket.

And with said kimchi, I made dinner. It was the all important missing ingredient that finally made the home-cooked korean noodles complete.

♨ ♨ ♨

Happy Source: Bugis, Singapore


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