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Bye-bye Degi Hari!

I hate the thought of buying something but not putting it to good use. Why spend good money on it, then reduce it to obsoleteness by leaving it around to collect dust?
And no, I don’t believe in keeping something “just in case”. If you haven’t used it much, you’re not going to anytime soon, ever. If it doesn’t naturally occur to you to use it, you can do without it. If you disagree, you’re a hoarder. Fix yourself 😛

So I’ve been feeling crappy every time I lay my eyes on my Digital Harinezumi. It’s really not your fault, Superheadz. You created a rather interesting camera that’s all sorts of cute and attention-grabbing., I think. But to be honest, I don’t have much use for you.

After several (unsuccessful) postings on some photography forums to sell the camera, I was close to giving up.

This last post was do or die.


And like a huge weight’s been lifted off the chest, I proudly say, Goodbye Hedgehog! You’ve been an adorable companion for the past 2 months or so. I’ll miss your minute green cute-ness. But I’m glad you’re no longer around the house, reminding me of my poor judgement/impulse spending.

Happy Source: Person who bought my Digital Harinezumi, Singapore


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