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LC-Wide + Instant Back!

LC-Wide + Instant Back = Instant gratification (after a few seconds of waiting) with crazy-wide angles!

After much trepidation, fear and hesitation (am a complete klutz when it comes to these things. Did not want to break my LC-Wide! :P), the 35mm back came off and the instant one went on! All in one piece. Thank goodness.

After attaching the Instant Back, my LC-Wide got an instant upgrade in size.

LC-Wide and its accessories. I realize I didn’t take a picture of it with its Minigon correction lens meant for instax. Oops.

First instax from the LC-Wide! Dasher Brandon ♥

Some posing is in order.

Happy Source: LC-Wide, Lomography

P.S. Even with the correction lens and viewfinder on, the wide angle on the LC-wide still creates a huge distance between the camera and the subject (as can be seen from the instax)! I guess “go close or go home” really applies here 😛


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