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Exploring Punggol Beach aka Punggol’s End.

After reading about the “end of Punggol” in some forums, I decided to give this place a visit.

Here’s Punggol’s End, in pictures.

On the boardwalk (that we weren’t supposed to be on. Got chased down by a police officer a while after this shot :P)

Brought my LC-Wide out for a spin.

Clearly, I wasn’t alone.

The best part of the visit: People-watching.

I also found the prettiest driftwood I’ve ever seen.

I have to say, at the risk of sounding pedo, that the best part of people-watching: kid-watching.

At this point, I overheard the uncle remark, “One photo for $5.” I applaud his sense of humor.

Punggol Beach, in words, set with an opportune backdrop.

See you, Punggol Beach!

The place was rather… undeveloped. Except for the fancy boardwalk, there isn’t much else. A small jetty where passengers headed for Outward Bound Singapore/Pulau Ubin(?) are picked up seemed to be the main feature. Along the coast, plenty of people sit by the beach and enjoy time spent with the family. A great place to relax and just breathe in the sea (I assumed it was the sea).

Coincidentally, also a place for wedding shots!

Happy Source: Punggol Beach @ Punggol’s End, Singapore


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