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Of H&M, Editor’s Market and Famous Bloggers in Singapore.

Today was rather… eye-opening.

I went into the H&M store in Singapore for the first time since it landed. There was no queue. Well, why would there be a queue given that it’s been open for quite a while now? I thought to myself.

The store was packed. H&M in New York and Hong Kong were quite empty. But here, it’s like Fashion Mecca. I have to admit though, being the jacket/blazer sucker that I am, the place was rather alluring. Some of the outerwear were actually gorgeous, well-designed and affordable. Pretty good quality too!

Needless to say, I bought one. Such a blazer/jacket sucker I am, really. I have so many blazers/jackets/cardigans, I don’t even have enough days in a week to wear them all 😛

My first H&M jacket! Absolutely adore the pink striped lining and the brown jockey patches ♥

Also, I managed to find a simple tank top that fit my stringent requirements.

1. Not too translucent.

2. Not clinging to the skin.

3. Without gaping armpit holes.

4. No plunging neckline.

Too bad the white one was pretty much transparent 😦

Best of all, I found cute/soft/good-for-my-current-sneakers-phase socks!

Love the prints!

So after H&M, the natural progression was to Cineleisure, home of Soon Lee & Editor’s Market.

Much as I feel Editor’s Market has gotten rather overpriced (given the not-so-great-quality of most of their clothes), I still love the concept. Plus the store is huge. Makes it a great place for window-shopping.

Well clearly, I did more than just window-shop. I caved in and got a white shirt. Because it fit most of my requirements for a top (read above) and it was white!

Later on in the day, I was proven wrong. When I walked past H&M, the queue line was activated and people were waiting to get in. W. O. W.

So shopping aside, I also visited a hair salon. Essensuals Bugis, a franchise of the famous Toni & Guy. James was getting a hair cut. Googling the place to find out more, I could hardly find any decent reviews. 95% of the “reviews” I could find were by bloggers sponsored by the hair salon. Hmm. That’s rather… disconcerting. Because we all know how objective paid bloggers are, right? -_-

But because we were feeling adventurous, we went ahead anyway. In the end, I didn’t get anything done because my recent perm didn’t leave much room for anything. James got a cut+treatment, all for $50. Which isn’t horribly expensive considering that Essensuals is a franchise of Toni & Guy. But it isn’t incredibly worth-it either because, well, pardon my ignorance, but a hair cut for guys (unless it’s something drastic) really shouldn’t cost that much. But maybe that’s just me.

As I sat aside and flipped through magazines/watch James get his hair done/marvel at the list of bloggers the salon sponsored (they pin the bloggers’ names on the wall like it’s an achievement list), I started wondering what was so remarkable about this blogger-sponsoring business. Browsing through the many bloggers that the salon sponsored, I found one emerging pattern. Which led me to this deduction.

WARNING: What follows may be insulting to some. Read with a healthy dose of humor 😀

Here are some qualities you need to ensure you possess before embarking on your journey to becoming a Famous Blogger in Singapore.

1. Look the part. In simple terms, this means:

  • Plaster fake eyelashes (as long as humanly possible, even if it makes you look crazy) on yourself. Because, regardless of what you think, your natural ones just aren’t good enough.
  • Put on generous amounts of make up. If you don’t look plastic, it ain’t enough.
  • Have long hair. Straight is preferred. But wavy is acceptable too. Because pretty girls must have long, straight hair. Must.
  • Use color contacts.

2. Always, always, make cute-sy poses. Enlarge those eyes, pout those lips, and throw that come-hither look at the camera you’re pointing at yourself.

3. Takes tonnes of pictures. Of yourself. Of the most mundane things you do – waiting for the lift, standing in the lift, exiting the lift. Get the idea?

4. After taking said mundane pictures, blog about them mundane acts. Where you had lunch today, what you had for lunch, what the aunty behind the lunch counter did, what you did, what people around you did. Get the best results when you complain about something, anything. The aunty’s hair, your hair, … Kapisch?

5. Write all these in bad English. Write in Singlish. Forget about grammar, vocabulary, adjectives, punctuation, everything you learnt in school to help you communicate better. That’ll get you further.

If learning by example is your style, just google around. There are tonnes of fantastic examples to aid you in your journey to Fame-dom.

I wish you the best 🙂

Happy Source: H&M Singapore, Editor’s Market

Musing Source: Essensuals Bugis and its many sponsored bloggers


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