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Count your blessings

Spotted on a JobsCentral advert…


“Hate your job? Perhaps it’s time to get help to figure out what you really want to do.”

Now the title was some sort of appealing. Not so much because I hate my job, but let’s face it, considering the numerous in-limbo souls I know, who could say no to some help to “figure out what you really want to do”?

I clicked on the advert and read on.

“…squeeze among the countless hordes of office people… switch on your computer, go on auto-pilot for the rest of the day…”

Hold right there. Wait.

I remember, why I’m where I am right now 😛

The advert goes on to promote how the event would help those “looking to start on the right foot in the urban jungle that is the corporate world”.

Then I remembered, as much as it may satisfy some, that I want none of that. Which is why I’m still where I am, right now.

And I’m grateful.

So today, as much as the heart is heavy and the mind is weary, I count my blessings for what I have. Because honestly, it’s a rather good life.

Happy Source: Reflection, Me.


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