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Unboxing the pre-order that shan’t be named (till now).

Can’t quite describe the joy of seeing the huge yellow DHL truck drive round the block.

And then seeing the DHL guy at the door with a box.

The parcel that would contain the goodies.

Like a dork, I was more excited by the bubble wrap than anything else.

Hi, little things that flew 4 hours from Hong Kong.

The handy little accessory that adds color!

The instant back that fits LC-A, LC-A+ and LC-Wide. For instant gratification.

The instant back comes with the correction kit needed for LC-A and LC-A+. This little fella, however, is specifically for the LC-Wide.

With some Instax film to jumpstart the Instant Adventure.

The main character/protagonist/leading man. Hello, LC-Wide!

I love you puppy, but watch from a safe distance you must. Wouldn’t want you thinking it’s a new chew toy now, would we?

I swear I thought this was complimentary candy. I reeled in amazement at LomographyAsia’s service. Until I opened the wrapper.

These little things help you alternate between square/half frame shots. Fix one in, and have the entire roll come out in your preferred frame.

Adorably designed 35mm cans. 2 rolls to help start your 17mm Adventure!

Shutter release cable & 3 LR44 alkaline cells. These button cells are the LC-Wide’s air. Can’t shoot without them!

The LC-Wide. Comes with a wrist-strap!

2 books, 1 for the LC-Wide, the other for the LC-A+. Stocked full of pictures to hopefully inspire you.

Batteries loaded! 17mm Wonderland, here I come 🙂

Happy Source: LomographyAsia/DHL, HongKong/Singapore


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